Growing up on Lake Erie and fishing with some of the best captains on the lake, i was inspired to become a Lake Erie guide at the ripe old age of 18! Fast forward 45 years, and I am still putting the principles I learned back in the 1970’s from Lake Erie’s best captains to good use by hunting and catching big Walleye by casting in the shallow waters around the famous Lake Erie islands. I would be happy to teach you these principles, by either you booking a charter with me on my boat, or by learning from me by teaching classes or going on your own boat and showing you the ropes so to speak. They are concepts you can put to good use when targeting Walleye in any reef or island area on any body of water and especially Lake Erie. Call me for prices and availability, as i am willing to share this awesome information that i have learned in 45 years of guiding and consistantly catching good sized Lake Erie Walleye without having to resort to trolling for them. Give me a call at 419-656-3966 you won’t be sorry! Follow this blog for more info and for Lake erie fishing reports and tips all spring, summer and fall. Good luck in all of your fishing adventures!